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Undercover Alien

The Hat, The Alien, and the Quantum War

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UPDATE! The Audiobook is 


Here are the first two chapters as a free sample.

He Wants to be a Superhero!

She Needs a Champion!

Can They Stop a Deadly Invasion?


Rithwick Jahi Pringle, a.k.a. Ritz, has a keen imagination, vivid dreams, and unparalleled cyber skills, but his neurodivergent brain is out to get him! Paralyzing anxieties, symmetry-demanding OCD, and unbridled geekiness hobble his superhero missions.

He wears a White Hat for the Agency by day but patrols the shadowy dark-web realm by night, dispensing Superhero Justice to those beyond the Law’s reach.

When a new, otherworldly Director takes charge of The Agency’s cyber warriors, he finds himself captivated, seduced, and drawn into a shadowy world beyond cybercrime, a deep underworld of dark alien villainy.

Allied with a friendly Alien faction and a budding young sidekick, his near-supernatural gift for cyber warfare is a powerful asset, but is it enough? Can the Hat turn the trick against humanity’s would-be oppressors?

Join in this action-packed tale of Hackers and Spies;

Aliens and Earthlings; Superheroes and Hats.

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There has never been a superhero like The Hat.

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