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My journey with Science Fiction began early. I came of age during the Space Race, but when, on September 12, 1962, JFK said, "We choose to go to the moon," I was already en route.

I had launched a rocket to the moon with Rick Brant in John Blaine's "The Rocket's Shadow." I had been to Mars with Heinlein's "Red Planet" and "Podkayne of Mars," had been a "Space Cadet," and trekked across the moon with Kip and the Mother Thing in "Have Space Suit, Will Travel." Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barzoom Epics with John Carter and the “Princess of Mars” likewise primed my imagination. I hope to live long enough to, like "The Man Who Sold the Moon," Delos D. Harriman, die on the moon.

Note to Elon: Give me a call, will ya!

By the time “Star Wars” captured the public imagination in 1977, I had already seen it 10,000 times, in books and my imagination. I have aspired to such fantastic and futuristic adventures for as long as I can remember. But, if I can't live them, I wanted to write them. So, finally, I found the magic combination of time and motivation to begin writing the kinds of stories I love to read.


My day-job is in Cybersecurity and Crypto. When not working, I write, ride, read, hike, and camp. I enjoy long cross-country drives with a good audiobook, often laugh hysterically at whatever craziness stems from the latest crop of politicians, and occasionally, suffer fools gladly.

When writing, I pursue fantasy and science fiction, computer and data communications history, and when bored with technology, I write about genealogy.

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