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Chromosome Quest

Love, Dinosaurs, and the Clockwork Apocalypse


Humanity doomed. Aliens in peril. An unemployed geek to save them all…

Out-of-work cybersecurity entrepreneur Fitz needs a job fast. Frantic to make rent, the appearance of a nude redhead and a bizarre recruitment ad are too coincidental to ignore. But after accepting the cryptic gig, he’s shocked to wake up naked on a tropical planet ruled by free-loving cat-like humanoids short on virile males.
     More than happy to snuggle with a young princess to help the natives with their fertility woes, the nerd struggles with the brutal training required to face a deadly foe. But when bloodthirsty dinosaurs prove less dangerous than a villainous AI bent on wiping out all living things, his pleasurable mission starts to feel like an assignment from hell.
     Can Fitz survive nocturnal dinos, nubile fur folk, and evil tech to stop cosmic genocide?
     Chromosome Quest is the rollicking first book in the Chromosome Adventures humorous science fiction fantasy series. If you like studly heroes, lovely ladies, and interstellar stakes, then you’ll adore this futuristically sexy comedy

Buy Chromosome Quest to reboot the Galaxy today!

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