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Short Stories

Venturing into the Short Story Genre, I have four stories to share, free to read here. The first is a nightmare-inspired horror tale, and the second a derring-do Spacefaring tale. The third and fourth are vignettes set in the Chromosome Quest universe. All are original works for which I hold the copyright but offer free-to-read on my author's website. Please respect my copyright, do not copy them, or repost them elsewhere. If you wish to share them, please direct your friends to this site.


Fantasy and Horror are popular genres, and I dipped a toe into the Horror waters with my short story "Silhouette Nocturne. "

"Why do Ghosts Wear Clothes?" is my whimsical examination of spirits and hauntings.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is my first love. I have written novels that I sell as eBooks and paperbacks, but I also provide Science Fiction short stories free to read on my website.

Sunnyview Tales Cover.png

Sunnyview Tales

In 1903 my grandfather, Joseph Hampton Gregory, was age 42, with a newborn son. He purchased a 165 acre Kentucky rock farm which he named Sunnyview. My father grew up and lived much of his life there.

     In 1926, my father, now age 23, built a small country general store at Sunnyview, from which he sold packaged goods, soft drinks, prepared soups, and gasoline. The farm and the general store remained in the family for another forty years, and numerous family tales and legends grew up around it.

A Family Legend - Cover.png

Family Stories

I present a collection of stories from the extended family, not directly connected to my massive Gregory Genealogy project. THis includes Gregorys, but also various other lines that are related by marriage.

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