Short Stories


I recently began a little forray into the Short Story Genre.  I have four stories thus far, the first a nightmare inspired horror tale, the second a Science Fiction story with a twist.  The third and fourth are vignettes set in the Chromosome Quest universe.  For the time being, I am simply offering them freely here on my site.  I have submitted them to various venues, the first to a 'Short Story Contest' and the second to Analog Magazine.  The third appears as an interlude in my Science Fiction novel 'Chromosome Conspiracy.'

Silhouette Nocturne

One night I awoke in the middle of the night, heart pounding, sweating, breathing hard, and bladder bursting. I was so moved I could not easily go back to bed for a few minutes, so I grabbed my laptop and hurriedly drew together the disjointed pieces that remained of the rapidly evaporating night terror. I have never imagined such a story before in any context, yet somehow it bubbled up in the middle of the night.

The Spaceman

Max enjoyed the Spacefaring life, and though his duties were menial, he felt appreciated and at home in the ship. He rarely even left the ship when in port.

Starting very young as a cabin-boy of a merchant-vessel, he had risen by due degrees from cabin boy to assistant positions in almost every role in the ship. When the vacancy occurred in the Vigilant he applied and was accepted as a junior Spaceman, and quickly rose to a level where he found happiness, contentment and work with which he was comfortable. Then....

The Threshold

The Fur-People of Planet Oz love the Smoothies, strange visitors from another realm. When the great nocturnal beasts begin foraging during the day, the Fur-People are forced to cower in their stone castles, waiting for the beasts to go away. Shameya is determined to unravel the mystery of the Portal and the mysterious visitors in hopes of finding a way to kill the beasts.



Jill and Teena are making a hazardous run between castles on a mission to retrieve firearms sent through a distant portal. Day-walking predators are but one of the dangers they must face.