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Cicada Serenade:
The Hat, the Cat, and the Texas Entomorph

Cicada - cover v21.jpg

Welcome to my latest book: Cicada Serenade

This new story is a sequel to Undercover Alien and begins a few weeks after Ritz and his juvenile sidekick decide to leave the city.

     As you may recall, Ritz is now an unemployed former “White Hat” cyber warrior. He and the kid are vacating Gotham for Austin’s Silicon Hills where they hope to establish a crypto-focused startup.

     Their plans are scuttled when their van breaks down outside the Hill Country town of Yanno, TX. Stranded in rural Texas, they encounter a sexy criminologist and the local sheriff, who are investigating a series of gruesome murders.

     The tale started as a more-or-less traditional vampire tale, but since I need to bring it into my ‘Chromosome Adventures’ universe, I had to give it an alien twist. This tale provides more backstory about the aliens living on Earth, the origin of Teena, Petchy, and Fitz, and the Asheran struggles.

     I've placed some backstory, character introductions and the first four chapters on the website free to read, at least until publication.

     I hope you enjoy it.

Current expectation is for publication on May 8.

I plan to start offering beta-reader copies about March 8, and ARC review copies around April 8.

There will be freebies!! Participate as a beta-reader or ARC reader, and receive goodies. Details will be on this page as we get closer to the time.

Email or PM me if you'd like to participate.

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