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Cicada Serenade
Bloodlust and Desire Under Texas Stars

Cicada - cover v21.jpg

Releases on Amazon Kindle and KDP on May 8.

Don’t Go Out at Night,

Unless You’re Ready For This!

Death walks among the Texas Hill Country’s ancient oaks and tangled mesquite, dancing on the breeze like the song of cicadas.
     Bizarre sightings and untraceable vanishings have long been the subject of fearful whispers. Those who take these whispers seriously seldom go out at night. Those who scoff too loudly fail to return.
     Join former “White Hat” Ritz and his young cyber-sidekick Fitz on a truly terrifying adventure as they lend their skills to the hunt for a vicious killer, while danger and romance lurk in every shadow.
     Cicada Serenade is a gripping tale of romance, mystery, friendship and loss, and the enduring power of the human spirit that will keep you right on the edge of your seat until the very last page.
     True horror has returned, with a startling new twist!
     You will love this tale of love and loss, aliens and monsters, hackers and heroes!

Buy Cicada Serenade today!

You’ll Thank Me Tomorrow.

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