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Fantasy and Horror

Science Fiction is my first love, but I nonetheless hold a special place for the well-written fantasy and horror tale. I have tried my hand occasionally, with the following results. Here I present a pure horror short story called Silhouette Nocturne and a whimsical fantasy piece on ghosts and clothing. Enjoy.

Silhouette Nocturne

Fantasy and Horror are popular genres, and I dipped a toe into the Horror waters with my short story "Silhouette Nocturne. "

One night I awoke in the middle of the night, heart pounding, sweating, breathing hard, and bladder bursting. I was so moved I could not easily go back to bed, so I grabbed my laptop and hurriedly drew together the disjointed pieces that remained of the rapidly evaporating night terror. I have never imagined such a story before in any context, yet somehow it bubbled up in the middle of the night.


Why do Ghosts
Wear Clothes?

I have always been fascinated by ghosts. I grew up in a haunted house, and family tales of supernatural happenings are widespread.

     When visits from the beyond are described, the spectral visitor has been most often described as wearing clothes. 

     We do not arrive on this mortal coil fully dressed, and when our spirits depart, the clothing we are wearing remains attached to the earthly remains. So, where do the ghostly clothes come from?

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