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Stories from the extended family, not specifically connected to my massive Gregory Genealogy project.

The Mad Stone

A Story of Traditional Folk Medicine

A child was bitten by a rabid dog, and condemned to a horrible death until tradidional Indian medicine came to the rescue.



A Family Legend

A Study in Family Stories and History


This genealogy project was begun in response to an old family "Tall Tale" and to find what became of family who moved to Indian Territory.

     Elizabeth McFarland (1852-1940) has been widely claimed by her descendants to have been 100% Cherokee Indian.  Her photo continually makes the rounds with provocative captions such as "100% Full-blood Cherokee and Proud of it"

     We set out to validate the legend.

Lyceum Burns!

The Old School House Burned as I Watched

On March 10, 1955 disaster struck the town of Flemingsburg Ky when the classically beautiful High School on the hill overlooking the town center caught fire and burned. The author was a young pre-school child, standing on the sidewalk across from the fire watching the furious yet futile activity. The author's first-hand account remembers that dreadful evening.

William Russell Stephens

Known widely as "Pete", his nickname is a tale worthy of Damon Runyon

William Russell “Pete” Stephens grew up as a farmer's son, taking the hard manual farm labor in his stride. He lived with his mother and step-father and worked on the farm with them until he married. He attended little in the way of formal schooling, only making it to 3rd grade.  Despite this  and a severe speech impediment, he became a successful plumber and electrician.

Abridged Shanks Family Massacre

My Great[3] Grandmother was a survivor of a horrorific Indian Massacre

The Shanks Family Massacre (March 22 1788) is one of the bloodiest and most horrific tales of early Kentucky settlers. For this reason, and because sensational stories are always in demand, the story became the kernel of truth behind many a “dime novel” story. The story of the Shanks family has been told and retold, embellished and changed to the point where the original account was nearly lost.

The Battle of Battle Run

A brief but interesting historical tale of revolutionary era Fleming County Ky

The Battle of Battle Run is almost lost in the mists of time.  A long-told family tale, for years I attempted to track down historical documentation.  In 2010 I discovered a long out of print book written in 1908, titled “Condensed History of Fleming County” by Dan T. Fischer, of Flemingsburg, Ky. This small volume of merely 24 pages contains a great deal of early history of Fleming County Kentucky.   Among the tales within, it recounts the “Battle of Battle Run” with dates and names.  Thanks to this book, I was finally able to nail down those family stories.

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