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The Grid Needs Help to be Green!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I have written several posts on this topic. We don't have the energy generation capacity, nor the transmission capacity to deliver it to consumers. We need to fix those FIRST, before moving massive new loads over to the grid.

Put the engineers in charge. Stop making the permitting process horrendously complicated and impossible to navigate. Stop the NIMBY objectors from stalling every project. And stop funneling government money to politically-connected cronies. Entrepreneurs will build it, if you get out of the way and let them. NASA SLS vs. SpaceX is an instructive object lesson. Funneling buckets of money to crony contractors merely lines those crontactors pockets and produces dismal results. Government green-energy policies amount to full-employment for well-connected government contractors, with little energy and high energy prices.

We already have energy shortages. They are going to get a LOT worse.

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