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The BEV Revolution

The BEV revolution is dramatically changing the competitive landscape. Mature, established brands now struggle to compete with innovators. While the established big auto brands have the efficiency of scale, they lack nimbleness and have tremendous inertia making them resistant to change—but change is coming, and they must adapt or die.

The modern BEV outperforms gasoline-powered cars in every area save one—the long-distance road trip. While such trips CAN be made in electric, and range anxiety is mostly obsolete, the hours necessarily spent charging are hours NOT spent driving; the difference is significant and must be planned around. Better batteries and faster charging capabilities will close the gap, but it will be a long time before an electric can compete on this metric. Fortunately, such trips are relatively uncommon and make up a small percentage of travel. In the day-to-day driving world, the modern electric is so superior to the contemporary gasoline car in every other way as to make it no contest. The game is over; electric has won. We now get to watch the ICE cars slowly die. We will adapt. Brands that don't will fail.

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