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From Tubes to DSL

My first career involved carrying

Vacuum Tube
Sample Sylvania Vacuum Tube

massive suitcase-sized tube caddies

filled with Sylvania (and other brands) vacuum tubes. Sylvania stood out in my mind because when the other manufacturers began running away from vacuum tubes in the mid-1970s, Sylvania stepped up their mission to support those of us in the repair business by investing in the continuing manufacture of vacuum tubes even as demand faded. While it was short-lived, Sylvania's support of the repair community earned them much respect.

My second career involved working with GTE supporting many commercial radio installations.

My third career involved

Tube Caddy
Standard Tube Caddy ca. 1972

global networking, ultimately partnering

with Verizon.

While I knew of the linkage between GTE, Sylvania, the AT&T Breakup, and Verizon, this excellent article on the passing of former executive Charles R. Lee provided a fresh insight into companies that have played a pivotal role in my life. I recommend it highly.

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