A Hero's Quest Against the Singularity

Who is Fitz?

The hero known simply as Fitz is a caricature of every stereotypical bigger than life fantasy hero, a parody of every male hero from Tarzan to Superman, from George of the Jungle to Reed Richards. He is never described in any specific physical terms, although he is generally noted as being a 'tall, broad shouldered mesomorph' and having 'movie-star like' good looks. His very name holds a significance, as detailed in 'Chromosome Quest', and his origin, his childhood, almost everything about him is a blank canvas upon which the reader may project their own fantasies.

     He is at heart a nerdy computer guy, a little shy around women. Despite this, he finds lots of ladies are quite willing to spend time with him simply because of his good looks. His experiences on 'Planet Oz' have given him immense experience with the simple act of copulation as he attempted single-handedly to inseminate a new generation among the nearly sterile fur-people. He thoroughly understands the act of physical pleasure, but relationships leave him puzzled, confused and uncomfortable. Due to this, he tends to move from one short-lived relationship to another, often sought after as a lover, but just as often quickly dropped due to his lack of relationship skills. He imagines himself as extremely successful with women, but most of that is in his own head.

     Frankly, he would rather work with computers, a field where he feels much more confident. He is a technologist versed in many diverse areas of technology.

      Fitz is a fan of conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, UFOs and more, thanks to his abiding love of late-night long-form radio. Technologically and scientifically minded, he does not really believe in these things but finds them entertaining and his addiction does sometimes color his thinking.

     Fitz also is an avid reader of comic books and often casts analogies in the light of the comic archetype. Thus he categorizes his natural intuition as his 'Spidey-Sense', to name one obvious example.

     Beyond his physical attributes and technological acumen, Fitz is narcissistic, introverted and a bit arrogant, often feeling as if the world revolves around him. When stressed he turns inward, given to bouts of introspection and self flagellation. He also has a slight touch of paranoia, often speculating whether unfavorable events are signs of a conspiracy. He doesn't honestly believe anyone is conspiring around him, but at times is prone to seriously wonder. That is until our tale begins and he becomes embroiled in an actual conspiracy.

      Other personality traits include a touch of pomposity, a tendency to inflate his speech with uncommon, 'educated' words, or as he thinks of them, $3 words. He thinks of it as humorous, and indeed tends to engage in word-play and puns, often slipping in archaic sayings and quotes from old movies, even intentionally conflating different, unrelated expressions in his attempt at humor. His humor often fails because those around him fail to get his joke, or even realize there is a joke to 'get'.

     When 'Chromosome Quest' opened, he was sedentary, flabby and a bit out of shape, though genetic good fortune and the physical condition which he observed in his peers masked his lack of actual fitness. He believed he was in good condition and to be fair, compared to most people he knew, he was. When he found himself on Planet Oz, confronted with the necessity of rigorous physical training, he discovered a tremendous potential that he had not suspected. His natural physical gifts, augmented by a touch of genetic tweaking on the way to Planet Oz, allowed him to blossom under the intense physical training regimen. He became a virtual Superman, reaching an apex of strength and endurance he would have never imagined.

     At the end of 'Chromosome Quest' Fitz was briefly detained, confined and interrogated by a government agent investigating the mysterious appearance and condition of himself and his companions. That agent found no reason to pursue matters and soon released Fitz, but the experience terrified Fitz. The agent has since tried to be Fitz's friend, steered consulting jobs his way and more, but Fitz is wary of what he considers the unaccountable power of government operatives, resents the attention he receives, doesn't particularly like Agent Alex and is afraid of what he might do if angered and really just wants to be left alone. The stresses of life on Earth have him often wishing for the comparatively care-free 'Shangri la' he found with his young lover Lolita on Planet Oz, conveniently overlooking the harsh realities of a primitive life on a Dinosaur infested world.

     If Lolita is his fantasy spouse on Planet Oz, the Amazonian Warrior woman from 'Planet K', Athena a.k.a. Teena, is the fantasy object of his lust. Perhaps his preoccupation with Teena is largely because of her own 'larger than life', near mythical persona and that fact that he knows almost nothing about her.