First and foremost I am an Engineer and Technology enthusiast. 

Net Neutrality


There is incendiary debate today on the subject of Network Neutrality. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about the debate.   The author has been involved with radio and telecommunications in various ways since 1964. The author has worked for radio and telecom companies, participated in the founding of two businesses intimately involved in building the Internet, and had direct personal involvement in building major peering points interconnecting major ISPs.  The author shares his opinions on the topic.

The Great DD-WRT Adventure

   Free, Open-Source, user-built and supported computer software has long been a passion of mine.  DD-WRT is a software system built on the Open Source Linux Operating system.  It is designed to replace the manufacturers embedded software completely, with a superior, open and powerful system.

   DD-WRT is available for many popular routers.  When new routers appear on the market, the dd-wrt enthusiasts around the globe jump in and add support right away, but availability for any specific router is not assured. To my shock and surprise, my new R6300V2 was not supported. This is the tale of the quest to update dd-wrt to support it.

Ten Magical, Wonderful Things

DD-WRT Can Do!

     Routers too have operating systems, and DD-WRT is an excellent replacement for a manufacturers proprietary system. Not only is it open source, but it offers features and capabilities not usually found in consumer platforms.

  DD-WRT is powerful and flexible. The following uses show ways you can get the most out of DD-WRT.