*Gregory Genealogy


I have been developing a massive Genealogical Research project for nearly 20 years, with the collaboration of nearly 100 extended family members and interested friends.  The project is still incomplete, but stands at over 360 pages and 100 Megabytes.  If you are a Gregory, related to a Gregory, or just interested in the Gregory families, I want to hear from you.  Some of the work from that project appears here.

Stories of The Gregory Families

of Colonial Virginia and their moves to Kentucky, Missouri and points west.


This massive genealogy project was begun in 1997 and has been in continuous development since.  It is a collaborative effort, with contributions from nearly 60 different members of the extended Gregory Family.  There is a Facebook group devoted to this and related Genealogy projects.  After many years of development, the book is now available on Google Play.   It also remains a work in progress.


Finally, there is also a Gregory DNA Study in progress at Family Tree DNA, for which we are actively seeking participants.  If you are a Gregory, or related to a Gregory, or just interested in a Gregory, we want YOU!


If you have stories, tall tales, or even just brief anecdotes about the Gregorys please contact me. 

A Brief Biography of Jesse Tyler Gregory

Of Scots-Irish ancestry with 25% Indian blood, Jesse and his German-heritage wife rise from poverty to become a successful 1800's Kentucky family


Jesse and Mary Gregory settled in Bath County Kentucky in 1818, ran a successful farm, founded a church, and produced a prolific and prominent family of 12 children and 97 grandchildren, whose many descendants populate not only much of Kentucky, but many other states as well. This biography is excerpted from a much larger manuscript in development documenting many years of Gregory family research.


Grandfather's Death

A “family ghost story” taken as absolute proof of a supernatural world

My paternal grandfather Joseph Hampton Gregory, was born in 1861, and died in 1924. The story of his death was told to me by my father when I was a young child.  Although I believed it when young, I have since come to understand that it may not represent the literal truth.


But it makes one heck of a good story.

James Gregory, Early Ky Pioneer

The author's Great Great Grand Uncle, died of Cholera in 1833

James Gregory was among the earliest Kentucky Settlers. He settled in present day Bath County Kentucky before 1802, established a successful farm, married two wives, and produced a prolific and prominent family of as many as 14 children and at least 63 grandchildren, whose many descendants populate not only much of Kentucky, but many other states as well.

He is one of many fascinating Gregory Ancestors.

General Isaac Morgan Gregory

Isaac was quite the colorful character and Revolutionary War hero

On August 16, 1780, under the command of Richard Caswell, Isaac led his brigade in the Battle of Camden, South Carolina. The American forces suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Colonel Cornwallis, but Isaac and his men acquitted themselves well. Facing a superior British army led by Cornwallis, Isaac’s men held while Gates and the other North Carolina militia regiments fled the field.

John B. Gregory
A Mysterious and Lost Gregory family member

John B. Gregory is one of the more mysterious and intriguing Gregory's, and one on whom we have spent a great deal of research time. He is the lone Rowan County Gregory son officially not directly attributed to John Jameson Gregory.  Or is he?

William Spilsby Gregory

A Sergeant in the Virginia Continental Line, Spilsby moved to Ky about 1790.

After the Revolutionary War, Spilsby married Caroline Muse, daughter of George Muse, who was a close friend of General George Washington and who founded Muses Mills in Fleming County Ky. Spilsby and Caroline had three children and their descendants are widely scattered.

James Gregory of Camden NC

We believe James was a grandson of General Issac Morgan Gregory, and related to many other Gregorys of North Carolina descended from British Line #2. THis article presents our research on the topic.


The work here will appear in the Second Edition of Gregory Family Origins when it is released.