Some of my general essays, not particularly having to do with technology, genealogy or politics, essays I do not see fitting easily into the more precise pigeonholes.

Changing Attire

The Changing Role of Clothing and How We Dress

Are we witnessing a significant social change, a change in the way people view dress and clothing?

There have been many such changes, even in our recent past. We do not need to look back to the time of Henry VIII and discuss codpieces to see that clothing trends are on the move.

The author takes a critical look at the changes in attitude, in modesty, dress codes and societal prudishness

Five Points of the Intelligence Star

Late night thoughts on the nature of intelligence

It has been said that humans are tool-using animals.  That is certainly true, but I think it over-simplifies a larger reality.  I argue that tools are an outgrowth of our ability to see analogies and relationships in the things we wish to influence.  Hence, I believe it is more complete to consider humans as analogy using animals.