Dingy Hat

Dark Web Warrior

The Interstellar War is in Cyberspace

Now Under Development

Coming in 2020

He commits acts of war on a daily basis!

   A White Hat, in the employ of “Uncle Spook,” battles state-sponsored cyber terrorists by day, but by night, the Hat dispenses Vigilante Justice in the shadowy, dark-web realm.

   When an otherworldly new Director takes charge of the haberdashery, he is captivated, seduced, drawn into a shadowy world beyond cybercrime, a deep underworld of dark Alien villainy.

   They come not in spacecraft, and they fight not with particle beams and lasers. They seek not to kill, nor even to dominate, but to systematically dismantle—to again return humankind to the very stone age lest spacefaring humans might one day challenge the Galactic Overlords.

    Allied with a friendly Alien faction, his near-supernatural gift for cyber warfare is a powerful asset, but is it enough? Can the Hat turn the tide against humanity’s would-be oppressors?

   He must surmount paralyzing anxieties, symmetry-demanding OCD, and dorky demeanor—harnessing his fantasy superhero powers of exceptional memory and island-of-genius cyber warfare talent. Can he rise to the challenge and assume the mantle of leadership?

   With the aid of his friends from beyond, can he defeat humanity’s most persistent enemy?

   Join in this action-packed tale of hackers and spies; aliens and earthlings; superheroes and savants.


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There has never been

a superhero like The Hat

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