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The Conspiracy

JFK's murder remains the most consequential mystery of history!

I have read many books on the world's most spectacular assassination. I have listened to interviews, watched videos, studied the evidence, and wondered endlessly what exactly happened. In the end, I do not know any more than countless others who have done the same.

     One thing I do know is that the Warren Commission was never about finding the truth. It had the sole purpose of endorsing the FBI's narrative; facts and evidence be damned!


Political Spectrum

What does it mean to be Left or Right?

Understanding our world requires understanding the politics and political movements around us.

     Our political landscape today is said to be split between the political "Right" and the political "Left," but these terms seem nebulous and poorly defined. 

This essay takes a closer look at both the Left and the Right, and where they truly fit on the political dial.

A Flaw of the Human Soul

Or Why Socialism can't work and Capitalism alone is not the answer

In this essay I take a look at the rise of money and how it relates to Capitalism, Marxism, and human nature. Both Capitalism and Communism/Marxism are flawed systems, but the real problems lie with the failings of human nature.

Some Ideas So Wrong

The irony  that Marx so misunderstood the very solution he sought.

In this essay I take a look at Marx, Engels, Alinsky, and Orwell and how they shape our world.

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The Law of the Blue Mud

“Whenever the locals rub blue mud in their navels, I rub blue mud in mine just as solemnly.”

Hostility, scorn and derision are the tools of the politician, not the scientist. Any scientist who resorts to this tactic immediately surrenders their scientific credentials.