Ruby Mae's Corncob Jelly

A special holiday treat from the

cookbook of Grandma Ruby Mae Fields.

     This sweet treat is made from the left-overs normally poured down the drain after making old fashioned corn on the cob.  Very easy to make and sweet to eat, these treats are wonderful, but do not in any way mistake them for anything nutritious. Enjoy them, but do so in moderation.

     Making this treat requires your biggest stock-pot, and a good hot stove, preferably a wood burner. Go out to the cornfield and pick as many fresh corn shucks as you can carry.  You need ... {Click picture to continue reading}

Stonybrook Panini

Described by a friend as just a

"Pretentious ham and cheese sandwich"

it is nonetheless a tasty snack in my own style.

     Americanized Version of a classic Venetian Panini, adapted for personal taste and ease of preparation.  This is a high calorie, high nutrition snack.  Excellent fatty snack with plenty of good fats, but should be eaten sparingly as good fats or no, it is a LOT of fat!



(8) Slices Whole Wheat Bread

(6) Oz Chunk Ham

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Cholesterol Breakfast

A very healthy breakfast

     Here is a favorite of mine that combines Oatmeal, Flaxseed, Walnuts, Raisins and more, all ingredients known to promote good cholesterol health.  Combined with Minute Maid Heartwise Orange Juice some have told me that it seems to do wonders for those annoying cholesterol numbers.

     I have shared this recipe with several friends and all improved their numbers significantly.  Although it seems to be quite effective, I make no actual claims other than that it is a nutritious, healthful breakfast.

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I love good country cooking.  I am not a "foodie" but have managed to collect, adapt, and invent a few recipes I love.  I share some of them here...