I am an Entrepreneur, Network Engineer and Security Specialist, Open-Source advocate, Computer Tinkerer, Author, Amateur Radio Operator, Amateur Scientist, Genealogist, Motorcyclist and Grandfather.  I presently live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, near San Jose.

     I am currently working to launch an innovative start-up in the Networking Security sphere.  Reprivata Corporation provides innovative security solutions based on the NSA’s standards as set forth in their Mobility Access Capabilities Package, implemented in a structure we call a "Community of Trust". A Community of Trust is a Practical Implementation of the U.S. Cyber Security Framework (CSF) as set forth in the 2013 Executive Order 13636 Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

     While doing so, I am still available for short-term consulting projects. I have extensive experience in wide-ranging fields, encompassing Telecom, Satellite systems, Internet and Networking, and Custom Software.  A more thorough curriculum vitae may be seen on my resume which may be viewed by clicking the 'Resume' button below.